Hummingbirds and Hearthstones

by Heather Sommerlad



released March 12, 2016

All music and lyrics written and performed by Heather Sommerlad

Instrumentation: nylon guitar, electric guitar, bass, toy drums, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, recorder

Produced, engineered, and mixed at The Tree House in Guilford, VT by Heather Sommerlad

Cover Art by Nataly Ortega-Sommerlad

Special thanks to Nataly, Dan, Laura, Adele, Matt, David, Natalie, Jennifer.

Dedicated to Alice Farrell

All material © Heather Sommerlad 2016

Hummingbirds and Hearthstones is supported and distributed by Subtle Soup Records

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all rights reserved


Subtle Soup Records Brooklyn, New York

Subtle Soup Records is a collective of independent musicians who ignore the mainstream and chart the uncharted by engaging each other in critical music making. We put artistry first and consider each of our listeners a fellow pioneer.
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Track Name: Moonbeam
Tender are moments that creep patiently
with blinding uncertainty as we struggle to see.

How fast are we going? How gradually?
Time only stalks us continuously.

As long as we're looking, the moonbeams will guide
our dreams in their essence, and time will abide
by moments frozen in portraits of their warmth.
I'll see you in moonbeams, the night's gentle torch.

And day always comes. The day always comes.

Tender are moments that pass gracefully
while graciously knowing the place they will keep.

How fast are we going? How gradually?
We think about moments so wistfully.
I'll see you in moonbeams, in love's dignity
inspired by dreams to treat time preciously.

And day always comes. The day always comes.
Track Name: Hearthstones
Home evades me when I'm in my past.
I can see straight through the walls.
Every house is faded now.

Home today is an ancient pride,
and I can see my battle scars
in every wall that love surrounds.

You surround me with my future self,
and I can see straight through the walls
into the earth where hearthstones grow.
Track Name: White Horse, Dark Horse
White horse prays for love
worthy of her will,
and sweetly hopes for trust.

But fidelity lures her
into jealous pastures where she strays.

Here is the dark horse, pining for love's remorse.
Truth won't evade her here, in pastures where passion sneers.

Blind and dutiful, white horse feeds again
in pastures where she fades
into her shadow's embrace.
Track Name: Monster
Stagnant arrogance exists
as the monster who resists
people who are judged for their
powerless and aimless prayers.

And the power of our plea begs us with humility.

How does one forgive herself
as the journey braved in stealth
betrays her precious vanity,
exposes her humanity?

And the power of our plea begs us with humility.

I exist as the monster
who resists and taunts her,
chiding the helpless bonds that sigh,
waiting for arrogance to die.
Track Name: Asylum
In the rain, I can breathe and expect that in the cold
I'll long for warmth, until it snows again.
While you were waiting for the clouds to wrestle with your doubts, the sun took note.
It hid behind the sky, and the grey could not rely on empathy.

The desert only offers a glimpse of its own darkness,
and it mocks you with its barren life.
While you were walking in the light, oppression half in sight, it blinded you.
You threw away the clouds so the sun visibly shrouds your fantasy.

As the sun and the rain shelter you, I can't find the mirage hiding you.
Where did you go? I'll never know your oasis.

I ran away. I was scared I'd never find out what was mine.
My integrity had only drank from yours.
I longed to irrigate myself.

You clung with thirsty claws that reached across the neglected rivers that I swam.
It seemed like you were trying to drown me,
so I drowned myself.

And as I struggled with escape, your silhouette took shape and blinded me.
Now reality is chilled by the sun the desert killed and I'm thirsty.

As the sun and the rain shelter me
I can sense the mirage leaving me.
Why did you go? You'll never know my asylum.
Track Name: Disappear
If you could make everyone disappear
how much louder would it be
if all this noise was just a memory?

We creep gently through echoes just to breathe,
to be alone with the silence.
How much different would your life be if nobody heard you scream?

Who is watching, judging, helping?
Are they empty?
Can they watch with patience as you fumble through this?
Or have they left you to the stars?

We creep gently through echoes just to disappear,
to be alone with our virtue.
Is it selfish to want comfort as we fade away,
or are we trapped in detachment?
Track Name: Kingdom
What does it mean to be brave when courage is formed at the hands of oppressors who's judgement is forged as a pious reminder that acumen fails when people decide who's worth should prevail?

Who is the hero, vanquished by grace?

What does it mean to be decent when egos are strained defending the power of those who abstain from actively fighting against dominance by straddling courage with self-eminence?

Who is the martyr, slandered by faith?

Who wears the crown in a kingdom where precedence hails the rulers to be what hatred unveils to those that they threaten with sorrow and grief as hopeful reminders that power is brief?

Who carries on with their freedom as subjects of scorn? Who hides in the comfort of those who have sworn to be the heroes who listlessly rule in their stead while hiding the truth that they've already fled?